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Determination or Distractions?

The beginning of a new year is full of changes, new beginnings, and goals both large and small. Whether or not you jump on this yearly tradition, you can relate in the mindset - it just might not be because of a new year. My goal that I am working harder than ever to achieve, which has been a goal for years, is starting my own business.

This goal is definitely not for everyone, but I am determined to strive, no matter what the obstacles. However, I didn’t quite expect how many challenges would come my way. Being a business owner is not easy, cheap, or an exciting lifestyle (at least in the beginning). Here are some of the challenges I have endured so far in my first two months;

  1. Laid-off, Moved, Married & A New Job - They all came at me almost at once. At first, I didn’t realize how BIG these things were, especially to all happen within a 4 month time period. First, my husband and I got “legally” married so I could move in with him once we became “socially” married with our loved ones. Within 2 weeks, my old job laid me off due to financial setbacks, which sent me into a depression that stole my soul for a few weeks after. It did everything but kill me not to have a 40+ hour job, especially since my husband was in schooling for the military hundreds of miles away. Fortunately, I had a very supportive family that convinced me that I could use this free time to plan the wedding and my big move. So I did. About a month and a half later, my husband and I (with the counsel of our families), made the decision for myself to move from Iowa to Florida before our BIG wedding back in Iowa. In the few weeks in Florida before heading back to Iowa for the holidays and our wedding, I applied to several jobs and went to many interviews. Fortunately, I got offered a job that I felt was perfect for me and didn’t expect me to start until after the holidays (thankfully)! We then drove back to Iowa, spent a week and a half between families and prepping for the wedding, and then came back down to our new home. Look back, I wonder how I handled the craziness - but then I remember the panic attack in Garrett’s truck 2 nights before the wedding - and I stay humbled.
  2. Oh Yeah, I’m Married - Marriage. A life partnership between to individuals under God. Through sickness and health. Oh how I love him, but marriage brings its challenges of keeping determined and avoiding distractions. It’s so easy to get lost in cleaning, cooking, planning, going out and relaxing, realizing every hour in the day got sucked into a black hole with nothing else to spare. This past week, for example, has been my worst when it came to building my business. I got lazy, unmotivated, and exhausted. I did not manage my time well, stick to a schedule, or ask anything of my partner that I may have needed to be helped with. Slowly, I am learning that I cannot accomplish everything by myself, so it is OKAY to ask him for help. He normally helps by doing laundry, taking care of the animals in the evening, and picking up after him. This allows me to cook, clean, and work on my business when I get home, leaving this time for me.
  3. Animals… Everywhere! - Oh yes, we are animal lovers. A dog and a cat, both special in their own ways. They are also very NEEDY, which means, they need a lot of care. Translation; they need a lot of TIME. Fortunately, my husband plays a big part in this area at the moment. I take the dog out for our morning walk, he takes him out in the evenings. I feed the animals in the morning, he feeds them at night. I make sure they hold up with appointments and have food, he cleans the cat’s litter box and helps on transportation if he can. The animals get a lot of love, no worries there. Example? I will have a cat purring loudly at my head and a dog snuggled by my legs as I sleep tonight.
  4. Dreaming - I am not talking about sleeping. No. I am talking about DAYDREAMING. It haunts my careless thoughts as I work on some minimal task. My daydreams include; my business, my goals, and my current situations. Although this is usually a fun task, it can be distracting from the true ones that need to get done. It creates a meaningless hope, because if you are ignoring your current duties, how will you accomplish the future ones?
  5. Not Enough Hours In The Day - How true this is to how I feel. How perfect would it be if I could add another 4 hours to my day: 9 hours for my job, 1 hour for fitness, 2 hours for food, 2 hours for home maintenance, 2 hours for life maintenance, 8 hours for sleep, and 4 hours for building my own business. However life doesn’t work that way, so some of the hours get cut or even abandoned for that particular day. Choosing the priorities first and the goals second is the best way I can be the best that I can be right now.

This blog is going to be a once-a-week post. The goal is for every Thursday evening. Thanks for your love and support.

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